Long Term Car Lease

QuickLease ...cause that's how we roll

QuickLease is a privately owned company that specialises in the long term rentals of vehicle fleets, and the management thereof. Our core focus is the corporate market

Why QuickLease

We are able to get credit facilities in place within one week, and deliver immediately afterwards if stock allows. All our deals are structured around our clients and their specific needs; thus allowing us to ensure that we cater for the exact rental option preferred by our clients. We value our client service above everything else and always strive to bring the most cost effective and practical solution to our clients.

Why take a long term rental / lease?

There are many reasons why companies rather prefer long term rentals as opposed to instalment sale or outright purchases. Renting / leasing provides flexibility and protection against technological obsolescence and allows a company to better match cash outflow with revenue production through the use of rentals. You also conserve valuable working capital and bank lines. Renting is efficient, convenient, and allows for 100% financing.